You probably shouldn't be here.

It seems some people don't like what I write about
…or how often I write it.

Some people think interpersonal skills
are phony and disingenuous, or that learning
how they play out in the world

shouldn't be discussed
in polite conversation.

Others think that marketing is
icky and slimy, and they'd rather not
learn how their wallet is being
taken for a ride. 

So maybe this just isn't for you.

Because I'll send you Daily* letters about
Persuasion, Motivation, Marketing, and Influence,
to help influence your brain
(and the 
brains around you)
towards better outcomes.

*Daily... Maybe not Sundays

And you might be horrified by the ideas in
the free book sent to subscribers,

The Easy Way to Start a Conversation

Because Persuasion starts
with a Conversation…

and that simple idea
horrifies people who like things
just the way they are.


Still here huh.

Well… if you subscribe…
you'll also receive a surprise bonus...
a small item just for your phone...
to improve your persuasive self every day—
but you'll have to see it for yourself!

PS. I might end up in your Spam Folder,
today and every day until you take action.
Feel free to click [Not Spam] or drag
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Or, come find me there (nearly) every day.

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